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This is Us Sermon Series 
                         The Harvest

Directors:  Thaddeus Jones Jr.

Screenwriters:  Thaddeus Jones Jr.

Genre:  Suspense/Horror


     The Harvest is a short film about a homeless man who is struggling to get back his life, runs into a young woman who seems to offer him a second chance.  However, things take a turn for the worst, when the homeless guy realizes that the woman is not really who she says she is.  The film stars, Maxwell Highsmith, Keya Jackson, and Christen Marie Glover.  The film was written & directed by Thaddeus Jones Jr. and produced by Fanatik Productions and Out Da Barnz Entertainment, LLC.  

                   Two Men & A Gorrilla

Directors:  Michael McClendon

Screenwriter:  Michael McClendon

Genre:  Comedy


     Two Men &  A Gorrilla is a short film Written & Directed by Michael McClendon for the 2nd Act Film Festival in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was produced by McClendon Films, Out Da Barnz Ent. LLC, Alex Grosse & Stephen Canada.  The film stars Stephen Canada, William Nicholas Clay & Selaman Bell.  It is a comedy about two men (Stephen Canada & William Nicholas Clay) that get trapped in a house with a Gorilla (Selaman Bell) that has very human-like qualities.  The film can be viewed at


The Domino Effect

Directors:  Michael McClendon 

Screenwriter:  Michael McClendon  

Genre:  Drama


     The Domino Effect is a short film Written & Directed by Michael McClendon for a narrative project at The University of South Carolina.  It was produced by Out Da Barnz Ent. LLC, McClendon Films & Ian Flegas & shot by Amanda Etheridge.  The film stars Maxwell Highsmith, Nagi Sams Njuguna, Chris Griffin, McKeiver Jones, Elvin Wilson & Brandon M. Glover.  This film is based on a young male (Chris Griffin) who chooses crime as a way of living and causes his uncle (Maxwell Highsmith) to lose everything he has worked for trying to clear his nephew's name.  He winds up homeless and tries to use his experience to encourage another young male (Nagi Sams Nijuguna) from making a bad decision that could ruin his life.     


Directors:  Michelle Caruso

Screenwriter:  Michelle Caruso

Genre:  Dark Comedy/Drama


     Coulrophobia is a short film Written & Directed by Michelle Caruso.  This film was shot in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was produced by Michelle Caruso.  Out Da Barnz Ent., LLC did the Sound Design for this film.  The film stars Heather Gilliland & Chad Tolson.  This film is based on the "fear of clowns."  Becca (Heather Gilliland) is struggling to get over her fear of clowns while her boyfriend Dean (Chad Tolson) tries his best to help her get over her phobia.  

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